Media Will blockchain finally disrupt the full funds value chain in 2023

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Unlocking opportunities in funds tokenisation, investment in crypto assets and secondary markets

We are pleased to invite you to join us for this conference, by CMS and LHoFT, on how Technology, more specifically blockchain, is about to transform the investment funds industry.

Notwithstanding the high expectations, pioneering projects have faced difficulties due to a number of reasons including lack of clarity on regulations and a limited number of sector participants being ready. This may soon change. It seems that all pieces of the puzzle will come together in 2023 and finally unlock the opportunities.

We are delighted to have leading speakers and delegates at all levels of the fund value chain such as Tokeny, LetzToken, Opportunity, Caceis, Q Securities, NordicNinja VC and Montis.

The event promises to be an exciting opportunity to meet in person and hear and discuss how the current use cases and upcoming changes may finally lead to the long-awaited digital transformation of the funds industry.

- Keynote by the LHoFT
- Funds tokenisation
- Funds investing in Cryto-Assets such as Cryptocurrencies or NFTs
- Secondary transactions and distribution aspects

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