Media What you should know before making receivables financing – N° 2 (Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland)

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Efficient cash flow, liquidity and balance sheet management are crucial for the success and growth of companies. The impact of the pandemic and the rise of international tensions certainly increases this need, making receivables financing once more an important tool.

In this series of webinars, we discuss the most important elements, jurisdiction per jurisdiction, that you should know before making receivables financings.

In a 1h online event on 5 May 2022, at 4.30 (CET), CMS Banking & Finance experts from Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg and Switzerland, together with our guest speakers Gert Sonck, Global Head Receivables Finance at ING Belgium and Annemarie Coolen, Director Receivables Finance at ING Belgium, will present to you:

- an introduction to receivables financing in each of their countries, covering the various types of receivables that may be used for financing purposes;
- the structural features for assignment in each of their jurisdictions (achieving assignment, purchasing receivables vs. financing receivables, achieving true sale);
- regulatory and tax constraints in each of their countries.

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