Media The role of hydrogen in ensuring European energy security

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Recent geopolitical events have elevated energy security to the forefront of European governments’ concerns, both in terms of providing independent supply and predictable prices for the consumer. Could hydrogen be an answer to European challenges related to energy security? What role can hydrogen play in the twin aims of decarbonization as well as securing energy independence?

This is the next CMS panel discussion focusing on different aspects of the hydrogen value chain - production, transportation, and certification, and how each of these address the aim of securing energy supplies to European customers. The panel is moderated by Dalia Majumder-Russell, Partner in the CMS Energy team and includes the following experts:

• Paula Maria Auer-Saupe, Vice President Climate Action Certification, TÜV SÜD AG
• Helmie Botter, Manager Business Development Hydrogen, Gasunie
• Will Lochhead, Deputy Director, Head of Industrial Carbon Capture

This online event is aimed at investors, sponsors/developers, lenders and advisers actively involved in and considering entering into the hydrogen market.

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