Media Taking stock of hydrogen developments 2020-2021

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With developments in the low carbon hydrogen space proliferating and governments starting to create new policies and laws to regulate these developments, join CMS experts to explore the key changes over the last 12 months and key topics to consider in the coming months ahead. Our speakers will reflect the opportunities and challenges identified in the second edition of the new CMS Expert guide on hydrogen projects due to be published ahead of the webinar and covering 27 jurisdictions from across the globe, and a “pull out” focusing especially on Hydrogen in the Automotive Sector and in Industrial Uses.

Over the course of the webinar, our experts will discuss the global hydrogen landscape, key trends we are seeing on the market, developments in production and transportation of hydrogen, and discuss demand/end user issues.

This online event is aimed at investors, sponsors/developers, lenders and advisers actively involved in and considering entering into the hydrogen market.

The session will last 60 minutes and will be held in English.

Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions in writing during the webinar.

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