Media Recent developments impacting the insurance sector | Central and Eastern Europe Webinar

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  • uploaded September 30, 2021

We are delighted to invite you to a webinar that will provide a brief overview on the latest developments relevant to the insurance sector.

This event will cover:

Operating on the insurance market can be risky, and insurance companies should be prepared in case things go wrong, and in case the regulator takes an interest. We will look at the current sanctions regime, with a particular focus on FOS/FOE providers’ exposure to host country regulatory actions.

After a long transition period, the Russian insurance market has finally opened up. Foreign insurers can now operate in Russia through branches. We will discuss main requirements to set up and operate branches of foreign insurers in Russia.

With the National Bank of Ukraine acting as the new regulator, the Ukrainian insurance market is expected to experience a new powerful boost with higher standards and new opportunities. We will address the interesting novelties in the new Law on Insurance, the new and expected insurance products and fintech solutions. We will also look at the prospects for health insurance and whether the state should get involved.

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