Media Outlook 2022: New EU Competition rules for the consumer products sector

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The sector of consumer products is one of the most interesting industries for competition lawyers at the moment. Several legal developments will directly affect consumer products manufacturers in their business with dealers and /or other suppliers. The EU Commission is about to renew the competition rules for agreements by and between suppliers and resellers. The EU Commission is considering various new rules, e.g. for dual distribution scenarios. It also recognised that over the last decade ecommerce developed into an established business model which might require less protection than in the past. In parallel, the EU Commission is about to renew its rules on agreements by competing companies.
The EU Commission has been lobbied heavily to provide greater flexibility for agreement by competing companies to achieve sustainability goals jointly.
In addition, the new guidelines will also possibly provide more guidance concerning the issue of international retail alliances.

Against this background, we are very pleased to invite you to the next webinar of the CMS Consumer Products Sector Group which will address the following topics:

• The EU reform for competition law in the distribution sector: an overview of the proposed amendments

• The EU reform for competition law on horizontal cooperation: sustainability agreements and retail alliances

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