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This year, 18 September is UN Equal Pay Day. This is the day on which women effectively stop earning because of the 23% global disparity in pay between men and women.

To mark this event, we warmly invite you to an international webinar on Tuesday 21 September. Here, CMS and guest speakers will be exploring the global issue of equal pay and what organisations now need to do to make pay inequality a thing of the past.

We’ll be discussing:
• Why the gender pay gap still exists and is so hard to tackle
• What employers need to do (and are doing) to create transparency on pay
• Is more flexibility always good for reducing the gender pay gap?
• How will greater remote working change gender inequality in the labour market?

Our guest speakers will be:
- Neris M. Báez García de Mazzora, Director, Procurement Division at the United Nations.
- Abi Adams-Prassl, Associate Professor and Senior Research Fellow, University of Oxford, who has conducted extensive work exploring why gender inequalities exist.

This event will be held online and will be free of charge.

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