Media Launch of a Contracts for Difference support scheme for low-carbon electricity in Romania

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Presenting the details of a proposed Contracts for Difference (CfD) scheme, currently being developed for Romania for the purposes of supporting electricity generation from renewable sources.

The Government of Romania has committed to achieve 30.7% renewable energy in the gross energy consumption by 2030 under the National Energy and Climate Change Plan 2021-2030, with the perspective of scaling this target upwards under the next revision of the Plan and the EU overarching legislation in the renewables field. Also, under the recently adopted National Recovery and Resilience Plan, 41% of the EU 29.2 bln funds are allocated to environment and green transition, and reforms are necessary to implement these plans. We therefore recognise both the scale of investment that these ambitious targets require, and the value that a CfD scheme can deliver in helping the industry and Government meet these targets.

During this webinar we will present the core features of the CfD scheme including:

• The market and policy context to the CfD
• How developers of low carbon projects (wind and solar PV) can obtain a CfD
• An overview of how the CfD contract is proposed to operate
• How the CfD scheme is proposed to be funded

We will be joined by EBRD, who is endorsing this initiative and our consultants, CMS Law Firm and NERA Economic Consulting, who are supporting us on the drafting and implementation of the CfD scheme.

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