Media Insurance | Claims & Coverage insights – 2022 Webinar Series | W&I – a practical perspective on a growing product

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Warranty and indemnity (W&I) insurance is on the rise. Although there are variances in coverage and forms between jurisdictions, its primary purpose is to transfer, to a third-party insurer, the risks associated with a seller's breach of warranty or liability under an indemnity in an acquisition agreement.
During this webinar our experts from multiple jurisdictions will briefly introduce W&I insurance and will touch upon some important topics relating to the W&I claims process, including:

- How the SPA and W&I policy fit together and how the terms are to be interpreted;
- The level of information that an insured is required to provide in order to obtain cover under a W&I policy;
- Disclosure and the importance of this item in relation to claims under a W&I policy;
- How different jurisdictions differ when it comes to assessing what loss an insured is entitled to following a breach of warranty.

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