Media Insurance | Claims & Coverage insights – 2022 Webinar Series | Climate change litigation in key jurisdictions and future trends

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Climate related litigation is on the rise. Not only is it important to understand the drivers behind the claims being brought in different jurisdictions (in Europe, most notably Germany and Netherlands), but it is also important to identify future trends that are emerging against the backdrop of increasing regulation and legislation at local and European level.

Looking at ongoing litigation across multiple industry sectors, this webinar aims to provide insurers and their policy holders with an overview of key trends in climate-related litigation to help them avoid being the focus of scrutiny from potential claimants. In this webinar, insurance sector experts from a number of CMS offices will look at the background to the growth in climate related litigation; current active litigation in their respective jurisdictions; greenwashing; and likely future trends in this area of increased scrutiny, with a focus on the increase in legislation and regulation both at local and European level.

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