Media EP 15 - Renewable energy consenting (part 3) | Planning Ahead with CMS

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  • uploaded May 17, 2023

The development consent order (DCO) regime is being used widely to consent anything from renewable energy projects to large-scale infrastructure across England and Wales. Understanding the DCO regime process, and particularly how to avoid application challenges and refusal, is therefore crucial for promotors who are seeking to bring forward any kind of Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project (or “NSIP”).

In the second instalment of our Renewable Energy Consenting series with #planningaheadwithCMS, Nicola Insley gave a broad overview of the six stages of the DCO regime and how they typically play out for an NSIP application.

In this third and final instalment of the series, Nicola is joined by Robert Garden who will provide helpful advice on how to avoid application challenges and refusal, including the building blocks for a successful consent, legal challenge trends and common challenges faced.

Click the link below to access parts one to three of our renewable energy consenting series.

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