Media Cost-cutting and restructuring in times of crisis - UK

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• Richard Brown
• Molly Grace

A tough global economic outlook is driving many employers to review their operational costs. Across businesses, hard questions are being asked about where efficiencies can be made – and ultimately what resources can be cut.

CMS Employment Group would like to help approach the restructuring processes and discuss issues and actions which need to be considered from a legal and regulatory standpoint. In our upcoming series of webinars, we will:

► Explore restructuring trends and practice across more than 25 jurisdictions worldwide;
► Consider alternatives to workforce restructuring, including furlough, bonus reductions, reduction in hours, wages or benefits, or postponement of wage increases;
► Assess how to evaluate and implement downsizing options – from targeted dismissals to major, cross-jurisdiction redundancy programmes; and
► Outline how to ensure that all measures are discussed, communicated and implemented in line with the regulation and best business practice in the jurisdictions in which you operate.

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