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  • uploaded August 11, 2021

Climate Risk is rocketing up the agendas of boardrooms across the world. It is a business-critical issue for lawyers across our practice and sector areas, who need to be alive to what climate risk means for our clients and for the governments and other institutions with which they interact. This session is open to all CMS practice and sector groups and will focus on three key elements of climate risk for our clients:
• Jim Fitzgerald of Baringa Partners presents on the perspective of the financial community and how it is affecting the lending decisions of banks and insurers. Baringa Climate Change Scenario Model is used by Financial Institutions with over $12 trillion of assets – including global banks, asset managers and insurers;
• Laura Houët, partner at CMS focusing on funds and sustainable finance, presents on the perspective of large corporates who are responding to new ESG-related disclosure regulations and looking to adapt their strategies to ensure they are best placed to tackle the issues raised by the way in which climate risk is reshaping the financial sector; and
• Kenny Henderson, partner at CMS focusing on class actions and disputes, presents on climate litigation, shareholder activism and the direct issues for directors arising from climate risk. Kenny will also discuss the implications of decisions such as the recent case against Shell in the Netherlands ordering it to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions.

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