Media CMS Webinar: Labour Code Amendment

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Employers are impatiently watching for when the long-awaited amendment to the Labour Code will come into force. This amendment, which transposes two important European directives, will lead to several changes and new obligations on employers, and it will strengthen employee rights. In particular, the amendment will significantly affect widely used work agreements outside employment relationships, home office regulations, electronic contract negotiations and the delivery of documents.

In this webinar you will learn about all the changes before this important amendment to the Labor Code goes into effect. We will cover all the important changes that affect employers and for which you should ideally prepare in advance. Specifically, the following topics are covered:

1. New information obligation on the employer
2. Digitalisation of employment documents
3. Changes to agreements outside the employment relationship (“DPP” and “DPČ”)
4. New home office regulations
5. New rules on the delivery of employment documents
6. The working conditions of parents and other protected persons

The webinar was held in English.

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