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The global spread of the COVID-19 pandemic has forced businesses to rapidly implement home office schemes. New technologies have supported this change, and we have seen businesses embrace these new forms of working. For many, it is now time to explore and adopt mobile work and home office schemes.

Whether you are thinking of implementing partial mobile work or prefer to establish permanent home office arrangements, we at CMS can get you up and running legally. We have a deep understanding of the practical challenges and can help you implement mutually beneficial arrangements that comply with the legal framework of your jurisdiction.

CMS experts are ready to assist you with the creation of mutually beneficially mobile work-home office agreements that address the legal risks of your respective jurisdiction. We will share this expertise through our latest CMS Employment Snack series: "Home Office and other treats".
We are pleased to announce as our guest speaker, Ms. Amalija Pavić, AmCham Deputy Executive Director, who will share with us key insights from the business community on this topic and their efforts to further regulate this area.

Our Serbian, Montenegrin and North Macedonian “menus” will include insight and practical guidelines on main issues of mobile work/work from home, such as:
- Statutory requirements;
- Implementation of remote work;
- Safety at work and compensating employees for expenses.

CMS Speakers:
Jelena Djordjevic (Serbia)
Tamara Samardzija (Montenegro)
Dusan Bosiljanov (North Macedonia)

Guest Speaker:
Amalija Pavić (AmCham Deputy Executive Director)

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