Media CMS EU Competition Briefing - Key aspects of the revised EU competition law in the field of distribution

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On 1 June the revised EU competition rules in the field of distribution will enter into force which will govern vertical restraints in the distribution sector for the next 12 years.

In our upcoming EU Competition Law Briefing we will discuss the key aspects of the new Vertical Block Exemption Regulation (VBER) and Vertical Guidelines (VGL). Suppliers and buyers are well-advised to check their existing contracts and identify new options to fine-tune certain business practices.

Our webinar will cover the following key aspects of the new VBER/VGL:

• Information exchange in dual distribution scenarios
• Resale price maintenance and minimum advertised prices
• Exclusive distribution systems
• Grey imports
• Non-compete clauses
• New hardcore restrictions concerning online sales
• Dual pricing
• Bans on sales via online market places and price comparison services

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