Media Part I - All you need to know on Funds tokenisation: Reasons, benefits, current projects, landscape & latest trends

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Tokenisation is now making it faster, easier, cheaper and more secure to launch, operate and close a fund. Tokenisation and digitalisation through Distributed Ledger Technology is at the centre of this opportunity.

• Can funds be tokenised and how?
• Can technology bring benefits?
• What are they?
• What are the opportunities and risks?
• What are the lessons learnt from landmark projects?

To answer those questions, CMS Funds Group is organising a webinar series to capture latest views and experiences from the funds, technological, financial and legal sectors.

Our speakers and panel for our first seminars will include specialists from different countries at the forefront of the topic:

Daniel Coheur, Co-founder & Chief Commercial Officer - Tokeny
Bilal El Alamy, CEO - Equisafe
Thomas Eichenberger, Head of Business Units - Sygnum
David Fassbender, Managing Director, Head of SEA - PGIM
Brian McNulty, Founder, CEO - FundAdminChain
Jean-Paul Scheuren, Co-founder - BlocHome

Tina Balzli, Partner, CMS Switzerland
Aurélien Hollard, Partner, CMS Luxembourg
Vaïk Müller, Partner, CMS Switzerland
Chris Luck, Partner, CMS UK
Matt Nortcliff, Partner CMS Singapore
Sam Robinson, Partner, CMS UK
Erica Stanford, CMS UK
Jérôme Sutour, Partner, CMS France
Clair Wermers, Counsel, CMS The Netherlands

Our webinars will cover:

• Reasons for and benefits of fund tokenisation (6 October 2021)
• Experiences of use of technology for funds and latest developments (20 October 2021)

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