CMS External Launch - Open Secrets: Guarding value in the intangible economy



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Across multiple industries, businesses are deriving an ever greater proportion of their value from assets protected not by patent or copyright – but by secrecy. And from customer data to software algorithms, these critical ‘trade secrets’ are under constant and growing threat. Cyberattacks, corporate espionage and employee leaks are increasing in severity and complexity as more business is conducted online and across borders. So, what tools and strategies can companies use to safeguard their most secret and valuable intangible assets? At this global launch, we’ll be unveiling wide-ranging new research on trade secrets, from among senior corporate executives, commissioned by CMS from The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU). Ailia Haider, Analyst at The Economist™ will reveal how trade secret protection is rising up the corporate agenda worldwide, the perceived key threats to safeguarding secrecy – and how companies around the world are taking action. A panel discussion with members of the CMS Trade Secrets taskforce will explore the significance of the findings, implications for corporates worldwide, and what need to be the safeguarding priorities for C-suite, legal and risk teams.


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