Categories EPC – IPF Six things landlords need to know about MEES: episode 1 – the basic requirements

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From 1 April 2023, it will be unlawful for landlords to continue to let all leases without following the requirements of the minimum energy efficiency standards (MEES) regime.

So overnight, a landlord’s existing tenancies which are rated F or G will become unlawful – unless, in advance of that, they can ensure that the relevant improvement works have been undertaken, can take steps to rely on an exemption, or can otherwise prove that the tenancy falls outside of the MEES regime.

The key action point for landlords now is to audit and understand their portfolios and to enable forward planning and prioritisation, as much as is possible before 1 April.

This all means that from a practical point of view, landlords will need expert energy assessor – and potentially legal – advice when seeking to understand whether works are required, and if so, what those works should look like (as this will differ from site to site).

In this six-part series, we discuss the impact the MEES Regulations will have on landlords and tenants before and after 1 April 2023, and what actions landlords should take as a result.

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