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Across the globe businesses are recognising that as part of the ESG agenda and in order to recruit and retain the best employees, businesses must live and demonstrate the optimum culture which means doing and being seen to do the right thing in the diversity and inclusion arena.  Responsive to this, companies are appointing board level executives in  Equity, Diversity and Inclusion roles or equivalent to guide their business to become more diverse and inclusive.
Many General Counsel we know have been vigorous proponents of the diversity and inclusion agenda in relation to their own team and increasingly, with their law firms.  But is there a wider role for General Counsel to play in their business in this regard leveraging off their internal network and strategic insight?  Will such a role increase a General Counsel’s influence and prominence in the business and with the C-Suite? How do global GCs manage the different strategies needed for the Diversity and Inclusion debate in different geographies?
We have brought together a panel of international General Counsel for whom this is a real-time consideration and who will look at these questions in our round table discussion. We are delighted to be joined by:    

Helen Fletcher, UK Head of Legal, BNP Paribas
Dessi Berhane-Silassie, Chief Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer, APAC & FS GC and Global IP Legal, IHS Markit
Val Farkas, Head of Legal, EMEA, Bloomberg
The debate will be facilitated by:

Jonathan Warne, CMS, whose work with General Counsel in different aspects of their roles is well-known; and
Catherine Taylor, an employment partner who advises on diversity and inclusion for clients and leads on many of CMS’ diversity and inclusion initiatives.
Penelope Warne, the Senior Partner, will introduce the webinar. 

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